Who are we?

SterilLife is a subsidiary of SBS Medical Health Supplies Marketing Industry Trade Limited Company. SBS Medical was established in 2000 in Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone with an open area of 5 thousand square meters and a closed area of 3 thousand square meters. Our company, which stands out with its quality in the sector, has become one of the leading manufacturer brands in a short time.

SBS Medikal has increased its service and production quality with the “SterilLife” brand. Our company produces disposable medical products in accordance with international standards. Our products, which we have developed with new generation technologies, are used safely in hospitals, laboratories, the food industry and in all areas that require hygiene. In the SterilLife product range; surgical face mask, cap, apron, bonnet, shoe covers, sleeve, medical cover, gloves, abeslang, sample kit and mats are included.

Sterilife products; It is used safely in 26 countries, especially in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Mauritius and Macedonia. Thanks to our years of experience and success, the number of countries we serve for the supply of medical products is constantly increasing.

SterilLife has proven its quality norms with “ISO 9001:2008” and “ISO 13485:2003” certificates.

Our values come from our heart and soul!

The understanding that our core values are our red lines has determined our entire working map. We have turned our business towards humanity by guiding people in terms of hygiene. We have made these values the center of gravity of our brand and vision.

Our strength comes from our inspiration!

With the awareness of empowering and adding value to the communities we serve, we use the power of our brand as an inspiration to deal with unforeseen challenges.

Our originality comes from our freedom!

We are original and we are free with our values! Our brand, developed by our managers, is a blend of years of experience. We reflect our originality as a professional team in the medical field with the collective spirit and unity consciousness.

Our sincerity comes from empathy!

We focus on establishing a sincere bond with our consumers who prefer our products that provide superior protection. Because we empathize. They take a heart-to-heart approach towards them. We establish sincere and deep ties with our consumers. We do not shy away from emotions, communication and empathy!

Our traditions come from our social responsibility!

In our tradition, all colors are there. Every gender identity, every age, anyone. We support every point of view that does not exclude or marginalize. We are well aware of our social responsibilities to talk about social problems, to hold the hands of the victims.

Our innovation comes from our never-ending excitement!

It is our priority that our products deliver the best performance. We combine art, science and technology with an innovative spirit. Our excitement on the first day follows us in every environment.

Our Production Facilities

We are here for a breath of fresh air!

SterilLife carries the name of purification and hygiene. We offer quality medical health products for a hygienic life. We standardize quality in hygiene by creating a balance between health and tranquility. Hygienic medical products are developed with high quality standards.

With the investments we made to improve our product range before the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made an awareness in the sector during the pandemic period. Our products, which focus on preventing external factors that threaten health, are produced with the understanding of maximum hygiene by removing all factoral effects.

We are moving forward with the goal of planning a new strategy beyond the existing programs in order to achieve sustainable growth and above-average returns, which are among the main objectives of strategic management. In the new world order created by the pandemic period, SterilLife has again been able to adapt to the new order created by rearranging all our strategies.