Quality exhalation, quality life

SterilLife carries the name of purification and hygiene. We offer quality medical health products for a hygienic life. We standardize quality in hygiene by creating a balance between health and tranquility. Hygienic medical products are developed with high quality standards.

Our high-tech masks accompany you with every breath you take!

Our adult and child masks are designed to high quality standards. Our masks are exported to approximately 30 countries. Mask production processes are developed according to the technological advancements in the sector. Our main principle is to provide high-end products that satisfy hygiene and health expectations at the highest level with innovative technology.

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Masks that put a smile on your child’s face

Keep yourself fresh with our child masks that provide maximum hygiene, encourage mask usage, and help your kid breathe! Developed by SterilLife engineers, our high-tech children’s masks are specially designed for your children’s skin. They are allergen free, compatible with facial structure, and they do not make your kid sweat!

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Quality, technology, hygiene, health

We support health and hygiene by combining our experience of 20 years, production process developed with high technology, advanced engineering, process automation and quality materials. As we always say: our top priorities are health and people!


“At SterilLife, we operate with an innovative business model in the medical industry. Within the framework of our vision to rise to a leading position in the ecosystem, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a prestigious brand known in international markets.”

Sinan Doğan / SterilLife Founding Partner

Our medical products are produced from quality materials and safely delivered to the final consumer.

All of our products are prepared in hygienic and sterile environments.

SterilLife has proven its quality standards with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certificates.

You can view our certificates that prove our quality in international standards.


Our Production Facilities

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