One of the measures taken to slow down or completely prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is the use of masks. The use of masks, especially in closed areas, has seriously slowed the spread of the pandemic together with the social distance rule. However, there are still some question marks regarding the use of masks, especially in children. So, should children wear masks? What should be considered when using masks in children? Here are some answers…

Should Children Wear Masks?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of masks in children. The use of masks is extremely important for children aged two and over, both to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to reduce the risk of contracting this disease. The use of masks by children at risk of carrying the virus is particularly recommended by health authorities. However, it is recommended that young children not be left alone when wearing masks.

What Should Be Considered When Using Masks in Children?

The use of masks in children is recommended for children aged 2 and over. It is even emphasized that children should be used under the same conditions as adults without any discrimination. However, at the point of children’s use of masks, some problems may arise in terms of both vitality and hygiene. For this reason, some points should be noted:

  • Children should thoroughly clean their hands before using the mask.
  • Masks suitable for the child’s face line and size should be preferred.
  • Children’s masks should have features to cover the chin, mouth and nose.
  • Necessary training should be given on putting on and taking off the mask.
  • The awareness that the mask is one-time must be placed.
  • It should be especially explained that the mask should not be changed with friends.