Although the impact of the corona virus has decreased all over the world, its spread continues. The Covid-19 vaccine has lifted the restrictions, but the danger is not completely past. The most important protection to be done against the Covid-19 virus, which is transmitted by droplets in public and indoor environments, is to use masks. At this stage, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of masks of the corona virus.

In almost every country in the world, the Covid-19 mask is used as the most effective method against the corona virus. The mask has now become the routine of our lives. So, how should the corona virus mask be in winter? What should be considered when choosing a mask for facial skin health?

Use of Masks According to the Season

There are some points that should be considered in terms of facial skin health in the use of masks according to the seasons. Factors such as the effect of hot weather in the summer, sweating and air pollution are important for the use of masks. Some points should be considered while using masks in terms of skin health in the winter months.

The use of masks can have negative effects on the skin texture. Because the mask increases the formation of acne and acne. In order to reduce and prevent acne problems, masks compatible with the skin texture should be used. People who have to use masks for a long time, especially in the summer months, should prefer masks that meet the quality standards at the maximum level. In winter, the mask should be chosen considering the negative effects of dry and cold weather.

Skin Damages of Wrong Mask Selection

The use of face masks is a situation caused by the corona virus pandemic. A vaccine and medication that provides 100% protection against Covid-19 has not been developed yet. For this reason, the obligation to wear masks continues. However, the masks used in the last few years can cause some skin problems. Wrong choice of mask increases these problems.